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Hi Dean,


We have now had a FAB Dock since April and have to say it’s been the best investment. Prior to having it installed we really had to think about whether to take the boat out even with the slightest breeze because getting our Mustang 2800 series back into our marina berth at Martha Cove (Victoria) was a stressful experience. But now several weeks on I have taken the boat out several times on my own knowing that getting the boat back in is so easy. I am now enjoying our boat to the maximum even to the point of taking it out into the bay, anchoring and working on my laptop and phoning customers.


Your Victorian Agent Matt from R&M Marine Rosebud is such a professional and had our FAB Dock installed within 4 hours with detailed instruction. He is now servicing the boat!!


The FAB Dock product is fantastic and I would recommend anyone with a boat sitting in salt water (particularly) to get one. I don’t wake during the night hearing strong winds or heavy rain worrying.

Phil and Gaye – Martha Cove, Victoria -

Up until we bought our 28 foot Glastron, we had only ever owned tinnies. And as they lived on trailers, we had no experience with maintaining a boat that had to live in the water, or parking it without damaging it, our pontoon, or ourselves. The FAB Dock has been amazing. Not only does it keep our boat dry, but it helps me to berth it, first time, every time, just like a seasoned professional. Much to the disappointment of my neighbours and friends who were all looking forward to adding to their funny video collections of me crashing into the pontoon for at least the first few attempts. Even Deb is confident enough to take the boat in and out herself, which means I can have a few beers while I am out.

Deb and Perry - Scarborough, Queensland

We had just started out for an enjoyable day on the water with a few good friends when we noticed the temperature gauge was nearly at boiling point. Luckily we were passing the Runaway Bay Marina so we pulled in to have a mechanic look at the problem. The water pickups in the leg were completely blocked and it was major surgery to fix it. Our day was done and we were all bitterly disappointed. The good news was that we didn’t cook the engine, so $800 to remove and clean the leg and check over the engine seemed cheap. We immediately decided to buy a dry docking system. We were just about to buy one of the older systems when the mechanic told us to check out a new system recently launched here in Australia. It was less than half the cost with numerous other benefits, so we bought one straight away and know that it will pay for itself in less than three years. We highly recommend that anyone with a boat that lives in the water, to have a look at a FAB Dock.

Jim and Judy Micallef - Paradise Point, Queensland

Though we live on a canal with a pontoon our boat lived on a trailer in our yard. We are pretty pedantic about our belongings and were more than a little reluctant to antifoul the boat and take away from the aesthetics of it. Further to that antifouling is a continual ongoing cost. We had invested in a top quality (and expensive) trailer to make launching and retrieval easy – that made that part of life so easy, but didn’t stop us having to load everything up, tow it to the ramp, wait our turn etc etc This left us often not bothering to put the boat in unless we had a full day planned on the water, just because it was ‘all too hard’. We had specifically moved to a water location so we would use the boat and now was still not using it. The only solution was to look for some kind of docking system. We had looked at all the ‘traditional’ systems. Though all had some appealing qualities, there were also (in our opinion) some significant downsides to them. Other than that they were all too expensive to justify – even second hand. It was by sheer luck that we found your card and looked at the product online. Without ever having viewed the product in ‘real life’ we were practically sold. When we contacted your company the information was exceptionally easy to get and the service was second to none. Nothing was a bother and no question went unanswered. You measured up ordered and installed our FAB Dock in no time at all – we were very impressed. Now we use the boat literally ALL the time – have even used it to go and do grocery shopping – it’s just that easy. On top of all that the FAB Dock appears to be perfect. None of the downsides of the other systems are present and now our boat is kept in excellent condition AND we get to use it. Best of all less than half price of any of the other systems we looked into. Now we are selling our ‘very expensive’ trailer which will more than cover the cost of our FAB Dock.Thanks again Dean. It really has made a huge difference to us.

Toni and Greg - Runaway Bay, Queensland

Light 4.2 Stacer and live one house from the boat ramp. The time and effort required to get the boat from the garage, hook it up to the car, fight the wind and wash of the Broadwater, hold the boat while we park the car, and then do it all again when we came home, meant that we only used the boat once in the six months prior to us buying our FAB Dock. In the first week we had FAB Dock, Ian went out fishing four times. Now we can leave the boat in the water and just go for a peaceful sunrise or sunset fish. Saturday mornings we step into the boat and motor to our morning coffee and newspaper. Thanks so much for an easy to use, great invention. The supportive buying experience and the after sales service by Dean and his team made the purchase an investment in improving our lives. We think FAB Dock is fabulous.

Mary and Ian Saunders - Runaway Bay, Queensland

Having a boat live in the water in Cairns poses a slightly different problem to most other areas in Australia, particularly south of Cairns. For starters, the growth on the hull of everyone’s boat is just amazing. I guess that is to be expected in these warmer tropical waters. Where a quick dive down with a snorkel, mask and scrubbing brush in Brisbane or Sydney may be enough to knock off most of the loose or slimy stuff, up here in Cairns it A) requires quite a bit more effort and B) could end up with a face to face meeting with a 16 foot crocodile. Needless to say, it generally isn’t worth the effort. So I can literally say that having my boat live in a FAB Dock, is a life saver.And the benefit of being able to single handedly berth my boat saves me from the second most dangerous creature known to boaties – the wife! Instead of the constant arguments as to when to jump off and which ropes to grab and where to tie them off to, Wendy remains seated in the lower lounge, finishing her drink, the entire time while I park the boat in the FAB Dock and calmly take my time to get off and tie the ropes. A much more civilised way to finish your day out on the water. FAB Dock has not only saved my boat, but also my marriage.

Mal and Wendy - Cairns, Queensland

Hi Dean,Thought I would drop you a line on our progress with the FAB Dock installed in March.As you are aware, ours was the first twin shaft drive you did and I must say the design has worked a treat, there is no added time to our departure or pack–up procedure and not only is it protecting our 38 footer’s bum and running gear from the salt water nasties, but being able to berth without the need for Elaine to be hanging over the side trying to secure the front line is a real bonus. At this point I must say that the “dodgy skipper” tag you gave me on my first rather inept attempt at berthing, (as now seen on your website) should be changed to “Crafty Captain” as it really is first time every time. I know you won’t be surprised by that news, and are probably thinking “I told them so” but the best is yet to come. On the weekend before we took the boat out, I gave the FAB Dock a bit of an inspection. Three months in the water and it has grown a little beard and some very small crustaceans are visible just below the waterline. With twin 357HP turbo Diesels our best ever performance when everything is favourable i.e. clean bottom, slack tide and low wind, has been at 2200 revs giving 22 Knots per hour (about 40kph) using around 60 litres per hour in fuel. And that was the performance we got on the weekend and expect to get every day we use her from here on in because that growth stays at the marina and doesn’t hitch a ride with us.Before we installed the FAB Dock we had not anti-fouled for twelve months and the performance was down to around 18.5 Knots (34.5kph) or a drop of around 14%. As we do between 60 and 70 hours per year, that is a substantial fuel saving of conservatively around 400 litres per year.Up until now our yearly hull maintenance costs have been around $3000.00 per year, including preparation and application of antifoul, propspeed and new anodes, along with associated marina lift & hardstand fees. I would now expect that to be below $500.00. That saving, along with the fuel saving and year round best performance boost, has made us very happy that we decided to FAB Dock our boat rather than smother her in poisonous pesticide.Thanks to the FAB Dock team for making our boating experience a better and less expensive past-time.Kindest Regards

Gary & Elaine Crook - Horizon Shores, Queensland

Like most boat owners, I am very fond of my boat. Some people might even call it obsessive. As such, I never wanted to devalue my boat by antifouling it and leaving it in the water, therefore preferring to store it in a dry stack. However, as soon as I saw a FAB Dock I knew I had found the answer. The convenience of being able to jump in my boat at a moments notice, yet still have it dry docked, is worth its weight in gold.

I knew I was being protected from below the water by my FAB Dock, but until recently, I hadn’t realised what other protection it offers. During the recent category one cyclone on the Gold Coast I decided to spend the night on my boat just in case there was something I could do to prevent any damage happening to my boat. The tide in my canal was two metres above normal high tide and the wind blew 60 knots all night. Needless to say I didn’t get a wink of sleep. But upon inspecting the carnage in the light of day the next morning, I didn’t find a scratch on either my FAB Dock or my boat. And I can categorically say that, after experiencing the buffeting all night first hand, my boat would have suffered some severe damage if not for my FAB Dock.


David Timms - 680 Haines Signature, Helensvale, Queensland

Having owned my FAB DOCK for over 12 months now, I would like to pass on my thoughts on a great product which I recommend to anyone with a boat of any size on a jetty in the Mandurah area. Even in windy conditions the entry is no problem with the FAB Dock as it just flexes when the boat hits it and straightens me up to glide in, then one rope and I’m secure. The friendly service has been second to none with Dean and Guy keeping me up to date with all the latest upgrades. I do get a lot of comments on how well the FAB Dock blends into the environment and is unobtrusive compared to other systems.

Rod Styles - Mandurah, Western Australia

The FAB Dock works extremely well and the after sales service is even better.

Deane - Robe, South Australia

Hi Dean,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we lifted our 3800 Mustang Sports Cruiser from the water today after 12 months using our FAB Dock.
We were very pleased with the results, absolutely no marine growth at all on the hull or stern drives.
We simply gave the drives and hull a quick gernie just to freshen up the look of the antifoul and make the removal of the drives a bit more pleasant.
The staff at the marina we’re also surprised as to the total lack of growth.
I removed the drives and the bellows etc, looked as good as the day I installed them 12 months ago.
The people we use to buff and polish the upper deck and upper hull are also very impressed with the protection that our FAB Dock is providing our boat.
There’ll be no antifouling happening this year,that saves us $1800.00, all the more fuel we can use enjoying our boat LOL
Again, thanks Dean.

Craig and Karen Smallcombe - Horizon Shores

Exceptional product and exceptional service. Nothing too much trouble. My FAB Dock makes my boating so much easier and saves me money. What more can you ask for?

Colin - Port Bouvard, WA

Having been in business my whole life, I appreciate receiving professional service when I purchase products or services. From the time I first enquired to the time Dean arrived to install my FAB Dock, the service was first class.

And the product is everything I had hoped and more. It is so easy to use, keeps my new boat clean and allows my kids to safely take the boat out and return it without damaging anything.

Milad Raad - Sydney, NSW, Beneteau 550 Camarat