Fab Dock Solutions

  • No need to anti-foul ever again
  • Your FAB Dock will pay for itself in a couple of years’ maintenance savings
  • The unique design makes docking your boat so much easier
  • Portable, just roll it up and take it with you
  • The footprint is about the same size as the boat (actually smaller in some instances), therefore no problems in tight spaces or marinas
  • Inconspicuous, some marinas have already banned other alternatives because they are unsightly and potentially dangerous
  • No issue in shallow waters – if you can get your boat in and out, you can have a FAB Dock
  • There is no additional stress or strain placed on your pontoon or jetty
  • Your boat remains at water level, so there’s no chance of the boat rolling over. Nor will it block your views.
  • You will be helping the environment – by reducing the amount of toxic anti-foul in the water
  • Completely self-contained, no bulky and hazardous control boxes or pipes to trip over
  • No hard plastic or metal parts to damage your boat if something goes wrong
  • No metal parts to corrode
  • No moving parts to service
  • Keeps water out of inlet pipes preventing sea growth and other build up in these vital channels
  • You will save money on maintenance by keeping your boat’s legs, shafts and propellers dry
  • Your boat will go faster
  • You will save money on fuel
  • You will be helping the environment
  • It will improve the resale value of your boat

Frequently Asked Questions

✓ It protects your boat from the ravages of the salt water environment.
✓ It helps you berth your boat, particularly in windy, tidal and strong current conditions.
✓ In just a few short years it will pay for itself in the money you will save on maintenance and fuel.
✓ not only will it save your boat but it will also save your marriage from the stresses of the boat ramp and berthing rage.

There is a submersible salt water pump mounted in a special housing built into the floor of the FAB Dock which evacuates all the water when in dry docking mode. It keeps your boat dry through the use of an electronic sensor, so when water enters the FAB Dock, through rain, waves or boat wash, it turns the pump on until it is empty again and then switches the pump off.

It removes the regular requirement to haul your boat out of the water to re-coat your anti-foul, replace your anodes and clean legs, shafts and propellers etc. By removing the requirement for anti foul you will save on average, 10% on your fuel costs.

To understand just how affordable a FAB Dock is, simply calculate how much you have or will spend on keeping your boat growth-free over a 3-year period and you will find the FAB Dock has potentially paid for itself in this time.

✓ for starters, it is between one third to one half of the price of the older style systems.
✓ The innovative design of the FAB Dock aids the berthing process and prevents any marks or damage to your boat from pontoons.
✓ it actually reduces the stress to your pontoon as it buffers any bumps and knocks from your boat and is a fraction of the weight of the older style systems.

The FAB Dock is easily self maintained or, for a small fee, we can arrange a six or twelve month cleaning service.

An average sized FAB Dock can be uninstalled and packed away ready for transportation in under an hour and just as simply reinstalled at its new destination.