While all the attention in the marine industry generally goes to all the shiny new boats and motors that get launched and remodelled every year, there is one product that has been quietly starting a revolution. It is not fast; in fact; it generally doesn’t move at all, and is not sexy-looking. You hardly even notice it, but it will save you thousands of dollars a year in the running costs of your boat. What is it?

Mundurah Boat Show

The FAB Dock team is very excited to be exhibiting at the Mandurah Boat Show and launching a new line of FAB Docks. We can’t wait to talk to new and existing customers about all the benefits FAB Docks offer. We hope to see you there, below you will find details about the shows location, costs, times and dates.


9th, 10th and 11th October 2015

Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club, Mandurah Ocean Marina, Breakwater Parade Mandurah WA 6210

Friday 9th October: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 10th October: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 11th October: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club, Mandurah Ocean Marina, Breakwater Parade Mandurah WA 6210

Adult $18
Concession (pensioner & student) $14
Child (5-15) $9
Children under 5 FREE

Entering and Exiting your FAB Dock

Exiting and Entering your FAB Dock only takes a few simple steps to ensure you protect your FAB Dock and your boat.  Always make sure you follow each step and you should never have an issue.  Like anything the more you look after it the longer it will last.  The FAB Dock is designed to make life simple for you and your boating life.  Each customer is provided with a guide to keep with them on the boat, the guides are water proof and can attach to your key ring or keep in your wallet.

If you loose yours or need another just contact our office and we will post one to you.  If you have any questions or unsure of how to enter and exit your FAB Dock then contact one of our Business Partners to discuss it further.

Entering your FAB Dock

Entering your FAB Dock

Docking your boat can sometimes be quite difficult based on where you are docking, the weather conditions and your experience.  FAB Docks can give you peace of mind all you have to do is thrust forward in a slow and controlled manner and point your bow of your boat into the FAB Dock, the FAB Dock will then push your boat in the right direction.  Not only does the FAB Dock save you from any embarrassing docking moments but it also saves your boat from any possible damage by hitting the pontoon or any nearby boats.

360′ Coverage


FAB Dock = 180' Coverage

FAB Dock = 180′ Coverage

FAB Dock + Boat Cover = 360' Coverage

FAB Dock + Boat Cover = 360′ Coverage

Owning a boat like the beautiful Cabriolet Royale you want to make sure that your boat is fully covered.

That you are not only protecting the hull but also protecting the gorgeous trimmings and finishes of the boat.

Having both the FAB Dock and boat cover you are giving your boat 360 degree coverage from the weather and marine growth.  It is just as important to maintain a clean top half as it is to keep your hull dry and protected.

The benefits of keeping your hull dry doesn’t just stop at no more anti fouling it also helps reduces your fuel expenses, is better for the environment and also increases your resale value of your boat.

If you are like us and love your boat, if it’s your pride possession then make sure you have it covered both bottom and top!


Clean as a whistle

After recently visiting the gorgeous shores of Port Coogee,  we wanted to share a story on how a FAB Dock protected a beautiful Cobalt R5 boat.  The owner of this boat had only been able to take his stunning Cobalt out twice in the last 16 months but thank fully due to being protected by our world class FAB Dock the hull came out looking like new.  The photo shows what the hull looks like after 16 months of being in a FAB Dock with minimal use.  No matter how often you use your boat the FAB Dock will protect your prized possession all year round.

FAB Dock - All year round protection

FAB Dock – All year round protection

We have to take this opportunity to say we had a fantastic time in Western Australia, we got to see many of our valued FAB Dock clients and had the chance to meet new faces at the Hillaries Boat Show.   We will be back soon!

Trip to North Queensland

I have just returned from a trip through North Queensland upgrading some of our earlier customers to our new pumping and electrical system and was enthused to hear the response from every one of them. A couple are adamant that they have already paid for their FAB Dock with the maintenance and fuel savings that they have enjoyed over the past few years and, on top of that, their boats are in perfect condition, as compared with a number of their neighbours who haven’t yet seen the light and bought themselves a FAB Dock.


Over the next few months we plan on getting around to see all our customers to make sure they have the latest FAB Dock equipment to keep their investment in their dry docking system at the forefront of technology.

Picture top left corner a new FAB Dock, picture bottom right the same FAB Dock two and a half years later.

Two and a half years later

Two and a half years later

Hillarys Boat Show here we come …

We are looking forward to heading to the gorgeous Western Australia to attend the annual Hillarys boat show.  We absolutely love the marina at Hillarys, it’s one of the best in Australia and we are excited to be showcasing our FAB Docks there. Our team of staff will be on hand to chat with you, discuss your needs, demonstrate how the FAB Dock works and how it can save you thousands in maintenance fees on your boat.

This event is a world class Boat, Dive & Fishing Show showcasing the best that WA has to offer with non-stop entertainment, attractions, and a diversity of information, demonstrations and activities.

The show will be on from Friday 6th March through to Sunday the 8th March, tickets can be purchased at the gate.

Our team at FAB Dock look forward to seeing you there.


Welcome to our new WA FAB Partner

After a long and lengthy search for the right man for the job, We are happy to introduce to you our new WA FAB Partner, Dean Stewart. Principal, Captain, Producer, Chief, Master, Lord, Operative, God.

Dean comes to the FAB Dock family with an extensive background in business management in cities as varied as Auckland, Sydney, Newcastle and Dubai. This, coupled with his passion for the boating lifestyle made him the ideal choice. Being the son of keen recreational fisherman, Dean was bought up on a diet of crayfish and Paua (abalone) and has an affinity with the sea and everything in it and on it.

Although he is a Kiwi ( we won’t hold that against him), he did have the good sense to marry a Perth girl and now happily calls the coast of Western Australia his home. Having purchased two inner city café’s 5 years ago, Dean’s love of a new opportunity and passion for everything boats has drawn him to embark on a new challenge within our team here at FAB Dock.

Over the past few months we  have worked closely with Dean and he is now up to speed with everything FAB Dock and will be the go to guy for Western Australia.

We wish Dean a warm welcome to our team and look forward to great results for our clients.Dean Stewarr

Our 4th Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Some things you just never get tired of. As this is where it all started when we finally launched FAB Dock to the boating public, Sanctuary Cove doubles as our birthday celebration every year. So we have even more fun than usual. Having two more girls on the stand along with the usual male suspects meant that there were some pretty faces for interested boaties to talk to instead of just us boring business owners. Thanks Rosie, Laurie and Sharon for providing more entertainment and laughs than any other boat show that we have ever exhibited at. The only thing that matched the girls for beauty was Sharon’s boat that was proudly displayed in its FAB Dock.

The weather was perfect, the crowds were up and their was optimism in the air and we have been busy ever since measuring up boats for new FAB Docks and getting them built and installed.

And so a big thank you to all our existing clients who have made FAB Dock such a success and helped us improve and perfect our product to be the number one selling dry docking system in the world. But we aren’t resting on our laurels with some major advancements in the pipeline due for release very soon.

FAB Dock at boat show

FAB Dock at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 2014

Sea Rescue

We have installed our first FAB Dock under a sea rescue vessel in the West Australian port of Hillarys. After exploring all the different options, the committee decided that our latest dry docking solution would be the best method for keeping their eleven metre Naiad clean and performing at its optimal best for its critical rescue missions.

This joins a growing number of FAB Docks that can now be seen throughout the marina with even more to be installed in the next couple of weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers in Western Australia for making FAB Dock the most popular dry docking system in the state.

Sea Rescue dry docking

The best method for Sea Rescue dry dock

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